ODBC Driver for SAP Concur

Build 23.0.8791


Query all the seats for a trip.



本製品 はSAP Concur API を使用して、TripId とBookingRecordLocator を参照するフィルタを処理します。本製品 はクライアント側で本製品 内で他のフィルタを処理します。 例えば、次のクエリはサーバー側で処理されます。

SELECT * FROM TripBookingSegmentSeats WHERE TripId = 'sampleTripId' AND BookingRecordLocator = 'sampleBookingRecordLocator'


Name Type References Description
TripId [KEY] String The id of the trip.
BookingRecordLocator [KEY] String The record locator of the booking.
SegmentType [KEY] String The type of the segment.
PassengerRph String Which passenger the seat is assigned to.
Amenities String The amenities for the seat.
BerthPosition String The berth location of the seat.
Deck String Which deck the seat is on.
FacingForward String Whether the seat is facing forward.
FareSpaceComfort String The space around the seat.
SeatNumber String The number of the seat.
SeatPosition String The location of the seat.
SpaceType String The type of space around the seat.
Status String The status of the seat booking.
WagonNumber String The number of the wagon the seat is on.
WagonType String The type of wagon the seat is on.

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Build 23.0.8791