TDV Adapter for SurveyMonkey

Build 21.0.8137


Shows the available columns for Survey Questions. Append _Questions to your survey name to query survey questions.


To query the SurveyQuestions view, you must use the name of the survey and append '_Questions' to the end. With SupportEnhancedSQL set to true (the default), the adapter will execute all filters to this table client-side in memory.

SELECT * FROM [Volunteer Feedback Template_Questions]

SELECT * FROM [Benefits Template_Questions]


Name Type Description
SurveyId String The id of the survey.
QuestionId String The id of the question.
QuestionPosition Integer The position of that query in the Survey.
QuestionText String The text of the question.
QuestionFamily String The family of the question.
QuestionSubtype String The subtype of the question.
ChoiceId String The id of the choice.
ChoiceText String The text of the choice.
ChoiceWeight String The weight of the choice. Used in questions of the subtype rating and ranking. Usually it's an ordinal number in incremenenting order.
ChoiceScore Int This field is dynamic and maps to the corresponding report field.
RowId String The id of the row.
RowText String The text of the row.
ColId String The id of the column.
ColText String The text of the column.
PageId String The id of the page.
PageTitle String The title of the page.

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Build 21.0.8137