JDBC Driver for SurveyMonkey

Build 20.0.7654

Selecting From Surveys in SurveyMonkey

The driver offers the possibility to select surveys as relational tables.

Creating Surveys

You can create your own Surveys by performing the following steps:

  1. In SurveyMonkey, go to the home page and click "Create Survey" on the vertical navigation bar.
  2. Either start a new survey from scratch or pick one of the many templates SurveyMonkey offers.
  3. Design and create new questions for your survey.
  4. When finished, pick one of the options to share your survey and start receiving data from it.

Selecting Responses from Your Survey

To access the responses to your surveys, append _Responses to your table name, MySurvey_Responses in the query below.

SELECT RespondentId, QuestionText, ChoiceId, ChoiceText, ChoiceWeight FROM MySurvey_Responses

Selecting Questions from Your Survey

To access your survey questions, append _Questions to your table name, MySurvey_Questions in the query below.

SELECT QuestionId, QuestionFamily, QuestionSubtype, QuestionText, AnswerText FROM MySurvey_Questions

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Build 20.0.7654