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Additional properties required to connect to the identity provider in a semicolon-separated list.

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Additional properties required to connect to the identity provider in a semicolon-separated list. SSOProperties is used in conjunction with the the AWSRoleARN and RSBAmazonAthena_p_AWSPrincipalArn. The following section provides an example using the OKTA identity provider.

Authenticating with ADFS

Set the AuthScheme to ADFS. The following connection properties need to be set:

Below is an example connection string:
AuthScheme=ADFS; AWSRegion=Ireland; Database=sampledb;; Password=CH8WerW121235647iCa6; SSOLoginUrl=''; AWSRoleArn=arn:aws:iam::1234:role/ADFS_SSO; AWSPrincipalArn=arn:aws:iam::1234:saml-provider/ADFSProvider; S3StagingDirectory=s3://athena/staging;

ADFS Integrated

The ADFS Integrated flow indicates you are connecting with the currently logged in Windows user credentials. To use the ADFS Integrated flow, simply do not specify the User and Password, but otherwise follow the same steps in the ADFS guide above.

Authenticating with Okta

Set the AuthScheme to Okta. The following connection properties are used to connect to Okta:

The following SSOProperties are needed to authenticate to Okta:
  • APIToken (optional): Set this to the API Token that the customer created from the Okta org. It should be used when authenticating a user via a trusted application or proxy that overrides OKTA client request context.

The following is an example connection string:

AuthScheme=Okta; AWSRegion=Ireland; Database=sampledb;; Password=CH8WerW121235647iCa6; SSOLoginUrl=''; SSOProperties='ApiToken=01230GGG2ceAnm_tPAf4MhiMELXZ0L0N1pAYrO1VR-hGQSf;'; AWSRoleArn=arn:aws:iam::1234:role/Okta_SSO; AWSPrincipalARN=arn:aws:iam::1234:saml-provider/OktaProvider; S3StagingDirectory=s3://athena/staging;

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