SSIS Components for Apache Hive

Build 21.0.7930

Connecting to Amazon EMR

Connecting to Amazon EMR

Connections to Amazon EMR will need to be established using an SSH tunnel.

Configuring the component to connect using an SSH tunnel

Use the following procedure to create an SSH tunnel to EMR.

  1. To begin, you will need an active EMR cluster and an EC2 key pair. The key pair can be in .ppk or .pem format.
  2. Next, authorize inbound traffic in your cluster settings.
  3. Set the SSH connection properties.
    • UseSSH: Set this to true.
    • SSHServer: Set this to the master node (master-public-dns-name).
    • SSHPort: Set this to 22.
    • SSHAuthMode: Set this to PUBLIC_KEY.
    • SSHUser: Set this to hadoop
    • SSHClientCert: Set this to the full path to the key file.
    • SSHClientCertType: Set this to type that corresponds to the key file. Typically either PEMKEY_FILE or PPKFILE.

Connecting to Apache Hive

To connect to Apache Hive, set the following (while running an active tunnel session to EMR):

  • Server: Set this to the master node (master-public-dns-name) where the Apache Hive server is running.
  • Port: Set this to the port required to connect to Apache Hive.

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Build 21.0.7930