JDBC Driver for HarperDB

Build 23.0.8839


Describes stored procedure parameters.

The following query returns information about all of the input parameters for the SearchSuppliers stored procedure:

SELECT * FROM sys_procedureparameters WHERE ProcedureName='SearchSuppliers' AND Direction=1 OR Direction=2


Name Type Description
CatalogName String The name of the database containing the stored procedure.
SchemaName String The name of the schema containing the stored procedure.
ProcedureName String The name of the stored procedure containing the parameter.
ColumnName String The name of the stored procedure parameter.
Direction Int32 An integer corresponding to the type of the parameter: input (1), input/output (2), or output(4). input/output type parameters can be both input and output parameters.
DataTypeName String The name of the data type.
DataType Int32 An integer indicating the data type. This value is determined at run time based on the environment.
Length Int32 The number of characters allowed for character data. The number of digits allowed for numeric data.
NumericPrecision Int32 The maximum precision for numeric data. The column length in characters for character and date-time data.
NumericScale Int32 The number of digits to the right of the decimal point in numeric data.
IsNullable Boolean Whether the parameter can contain null.
IsRequired Boolean Whether the parameter is required for execution of the procedure.
IsArray Boolean Whether the parameter is an array.
Description String The description of the parameter.
Ordinal Int32 The index of the parameter.

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Build 23.0.8839