JDBC Driver for HarperDB

Build 23.0.8839


Comma-separated options for how the provider will scan the data to determine the fields and datatypes in each document collection.

Possible Values

None, RowScan

Data Type


Default Value



NoneSetting TypeDetectionScheme to None will return all columns as a string type.
RowScanSetting TypeDetectionScheme to RowScan will scan rows to heuristically determine the data type. The RowScanDepth determines the number of rows to be scanned. When TypeDetectionScheme is set to RowScan, the driver will validate all INSERT or update values against the rowscanned datatype the driver has obtained for the column. If this validation fails, an error message will be thrown. This validation behavior can be avoided by setting TypeDetectionScheme to None, or by using a custom schema file for the table and customizing the datatype for the column in this file.

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Build 23.0.8839