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カスタムOAuth アプリの作成

When To Create a Custom OAuth Application

CData embeds OAuth Application Credentials with CData branding that can be used when connecting via a desktop application or headless application. Web applications require that you create a custom OAuth application.

You may choose to use your own OAuth Application Credentials when you want to

  • control branding of the Authentication Dialog
  • control the redirect URI that the application redirects the user to after the user authenticates
  • customize the permissions that you are requesting from the user

Follow the steps below to create a custom OAuth application and obtain the connection properties in a specific OAuth authentication flow.

Create a Custom OAuth App

Follow the procedure below to obtain the OAuthClientId, OAuthClientSecret, and CallbackURL connection properties.

  1. After logging in to your GitHub account, click your profile photo and then click Settings.
  2. Click Developer Settings > OAuth Apps.
  3. Click Register a New Application.
  4. Enter the application name, homepage URL, and application description.
  5. Set the callback URL:
    • For desktop applications and headless machines, use http://localhost:33333 or another port number of your choice. When you connect, you must set the CallbackURL to this exact value.
    • For web applications, set the callback URL to a trusted redirect URL. This is the location the user returns to with the token that verifies that your application access has been granted.
  6. Click Register Application.
  7. Return to your OAuth apps. The client Id ( OAuthClientId) and its client secret (OAuthClientSecret) are located there.

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