ODBC Driver for Slack

Build 23.0.8839


本製品 はSlack のデータを、標準のSQL ステートメントを使用してクエリできるリレーショナルデータベースのテーブルのリストとしてモデル化します。

CData ODBC Driver for Slack テーブル

Name Description
Calls Register,update,end or return information about a Call.
Channels Create, update, and query the available channels in Slack.
Files Query and delete team files.
MessageReplies Create, update, delete, and query threads of messages posted to a conversation.
Messages Create, update, delete, and query the available messages in Slack.
Pins Create, delete, and query all items pinned to a channel.
Reactions Create, delete, and query reactions on items.
Reminders Create, delete, and query all reminders by or for a given user.
UserGroups Create, update, and query all User Groups for a Slack team.
Users Update and query all users for a Slack team.

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Build 23.0.8839