JDBC Driver for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Build 22.0.8462

Data Model

The CData JDBC Driver for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central models Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central entities in relational Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures. The table definitions are dynamically obtained from the OData service you connect to. Any changes in the metadata, such as added or removed columns or changes in data type, can be loaded by reconnecting.


The driver models the writable entities described in the service metadata document as bidirectional Tables.

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures are function-like interfaces to the data source. They can be used to perform additional operations that fall outside of the standard CRUD model.

Miscellaneous information

Be aware that 'insert' statement on table SalesInvoiceLines works only when the status of the sales invoice is 'DRAFT'. If the status is 'PAID' or 'OPEN' then the 'insert' statement will not complete successfully. This is an API limitation.

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Build 22.0.8462