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Schema Discovery

Describes the columns of the available tables.

The following query returns the columns and data types for the NorthwindOData table:

SELECT ColumnName, DataTypeName FROM sys_tablecolumns WHERE TableName='NorthwindOData'


Name Type Description
CatalogName String The name of the database containing the table.
SchemaName String The schema containing the table.
TableName String The name of the table containing the column.
ColumnName String The column name.
DataTypeName String The data type name.
DataType Int32 An integer indicating the data type. This value is determined at run time based on the environment.
Length Int32 The length in characters of the column or the numeric precision.
NumericPrecision Int32 The maximum number of digits in numeric data. The column length in characters for character and date-time data.
NumericScale Int32 The column scale or number of digits to the right of the decimal point.
IsNullable Boolean Whether the column can contain null.
Description String A brief description of the column.
Ordinal Int32 The sequence number of the column.
IsAutoIncrement String Whether the column value is assigned in fixed increments.
IsGeneratedColumn String Whether the column is generated.
IsReadOnly Boolean Whether the column is read-only.
IsKey Boolean Whether the column is a primary key.
IsHidden Boolean Whether the column is hidden.

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