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Using the Profile

The API Profile can be used in the CData API driver to enable access to data exposed by the service from a wide range of applications and frameworks. This chapter provides some examples using the different editions of the CData API Driver, such as the ADO.NET provider, JDBC driver or ODBC driver, which can be downloaded from the CData website.

API Profile integrations


Using the ADO.NET provider for API with this profile will enable access to the profile in any .NET framework. See ADO.NET for a walk-through of writing data access code this profile in ADO.NET by creating data connection objects, DataReader or DataAdapter classes.


The JDBC driver for API will allow access to the profile from a wide range of Java application, including custom code. See JDBC for a walk-through of writing data access code to this profile using the JDBC driver, including establishing a connection and executing basice statements.


With the ODBC driver for API, you can access data exposed by this profile from any ODBC compatible application. For information on how to get started with the ODBC and creating a DSN connecting to this profile, see ODBC.

Power BI

The CData Power BI Connector for API offers self-service integration with Microsoft Power BI. The connector facilitates live access to data from API profiles in Power BI from the Get Data window. The connector also provides direct querying to visualize and analyze API data. See Power BI for more information on how to connect to API profiles in the API PowerBI connector.


The CData SSIS Components for API enable you to connect SQL Server with data from API profiles through SSIS workflows. The components wrap the complexity of accessing API data in standard SSIS data flow components. See SSIS for more information on how to connect to APIs in SSIS.

In Excel

The CData Excel Add-in for API provides the easiest way to connect to API profiles from Excel. From the CData ribbon, you can select API profile data as tables and columns into the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is then linked with the remote data. To update the data, edit the spreadsheet. See Excel for more information.

The API Driver is available in other editions as well. For information on how to connect using the other available editions, please refer to the edition specific API help.

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