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Schema Discovery

The API Profile supports schema discovery using common classes or using SQL queries to the available system tables. The common classes enable access to schema information, connection property information, and information on the columns returned.


See ADO.NET for information on how you can use ADO.NET schema collections to retrieve schema and connection property information, including table and column listings. Invoke the GetSchema method of the APIConnection class to access the metadata.

Using JDBC

See JDBC for information on how you can use JDBC interfaces to access schema information, connection property metadata, and result set metadata. The driver implements the standard interfaces as defined in the JDBC 4.0 specification.

Using SQL

Query the System Tables to access additional metadata, such as data source capabilities. These system tables can be used in any edition of the API driver.

Automatic Schema Discovery

Schema discovery is obtained dynamically for the API Profile when used in the CData ODBC Driver, PowerBI Connector, SSIS Component or the Excel Add-in. To load the available tables, columns and procedures, simply load the connection in any application compatible with the connector.

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