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ActiveCampaign Tables

The provider models the data in API into a list of tables that can be queried using standard SQL statements.

Generally, querying API tables is the same as querying a table in a relational database. Sometimes there are special cases, for example, including a certain column in the WHERE clause might be required to get data for certain columns in the table. This is typically needed for situations where a separate request must be made for each row to get certain columns. These types of situations are clearly documented at the top of the table page linked below.

ActiveCampaign Tables

Name Description
Addresses List all addresses.
Automations List all automations.
Brandings List all brandings.
Calendars List all calendars.
CampaignLinks Retrieve links associated to campaign.
Campaigns List all campaigns.
Connections List all existing connection resources.
ContactAutomations List all automations a contact is in.
Contacts List all contacts.
Customers List all e-commerce customer resources.
Deals List all deals.
Forms List all forms.
Groups List all groups.
Lists Retrieve all lists.
Messages List all messages.
Notes Retrieve all Notes.
Orders List all existing e-commerce order resources.
Organizations List all existing organizations.
Pipelines List all pipelines/dealgroups.
SavedResponses List all saved responses.
Scores List all scores.
SecondaryContacts Retrieve all secondary contacts
Segments List all segments.
Tasks List all tags.
Tasks List all tasks.
TaskTypes Retrieve all existing task types.
Templates Retrieve all templates.
Users Returns a list of your users.
Webhooks List all existing webhooks.

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