JDBC Driver for Bing Ads

Build 21.0.8137


Allows you to narrow or broaden the scope of access when getting data from Reporting service views.

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For example, the AccountPerformanceReport, CampaignPerformanceReport, AdGroupPerformanceReport, and other views with Report in the name are part of the Report Service.

You can specify the scope so that you include specific Accounts, Campaigns or AdGroups.

  • Accounts should be specified in this format: AccountId, AccountId, AccountId;
  • Campaigns should be specified in this comma-separated format: CampaignId:AccountId, CampaignId:AccountId;
  • AdGroups should be specified in this format (again, comma-separated): AdGroupId:CampaignId:AccountId, AdGroupId:CampaignId:AccountId, AdGroupId:CampaignId:AccountId;

Here are a few examples:

  • ReportScopes='Accounts=1494730,969378; Campaigns=234401540:18503857,1730399:96740690; AdGroups=1958:9607:1655,0973:192782:1655;';
  • ReportScopes='AdGroups=1958:9607:1655, 0973:192782:1655;';
  • ReportScopes='Campaigns=234401540:18503857, 1730399:96740690;';
  • ReportScopes='Accounts=1494730,969378;';

By default this connection property will be empty. In that case the driver uses the first AccountId that it finds from querying the API.

You can specify up to 1000 Accounts, 300 Campaigns and 300 AdGroups.

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Build 21.0.8137