JDBC Driver for FTP

Build 22.0.8462


The root table. This table will always be available. Other tables are automatically detected by the TableDepth connection property.

Table Specific Information


Retrieve all files and directories inside a directory.



To upload a file to the server you need to specify LocalFile and a Filename.

INSERT INTO Root(Localfile,Filename) VALUES ('D:\\\\ShareFolder\\\\Notes.txt','NewNotes.txt')

To create a new directory on the server you need to specify Filename and set IsDirectory to true.

INSERT INTO Root(Filename,IsDirectory) VALUES ('New Directory',true)


Only the name of a file can be updated and FilePath must be specified in the WHERE clause.

UPDATE Root SET Filename='OldNotes.txt' WHERE FilePath='/Documents/Test/NewNotes.txt'


Delete a file by providing the FilePath.

DELETE FROM Root WHERE FilePath='/Documents/Test/OldNotes.txt'

Delete a directory by providing the FilePath and set IsDirectory to true.

DELETE FROM Root WHERE FilePath='/Documents/Test' AND IsDirectory=true


Name Type ReadOnly Description
FilePath [KEY] String True

The current path in the FTP/SFTP server.

Filename String False

The name of the file or directory.

FileSize Long True

The size of the file. 0 in case of a directory.

LastModified Datetime True

The last modification time of the file.

IsDirectory Boolean True

The file name of the attachment.

LocalFile String True

The path of a file to upload. This column is used for insert statements only.

Permissions String True

Permissions of a directory or a file.

Owner String True

User name for the owner of a directory or a file.

Group String True

Group name assigned to a directory or a file.

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Build 22.0.8462