Tableau Connector for SuiteCRM

Build 21.0.7930


Create, update, delete, and query the contacts in SuiteCRM

Table Specific Information


You can query the Contacts table using any criteria in the WHERE clause. The connector will use the SuiteCRM API to filter the results.

SELECT * FROM Contacts WHERE Name='test' 


Create a Contact by specifying any writable column.

INSERT INTO Contacts(Id, Name) VALUES('id', 'Energy')


You can update any Contact column that is writable, by specifying the Id.

UPDATE Contacts SET Name='new name' , Description='Desc' WHERE id='Test123' 


Delete a Contact by specifying the Id.

DELETE FROM Contacts WHERE Id='2345345'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String False

The unique identifier for the record.

Name String False

The name of the contact.

DateEntered Datetime False

The date the record was created.

DateModified Datetime False

The date the record was last modified.

ModifiedUserId String False

The Id of the user who last modified the record.

ModifiedByName String True

The name of the user who last modified the record.

CreatedBy String False

The Id of the user who created the record.

CreatedByName String True

The name of the user who created the record.

Description String False

The full text of the note.

Deleted Bool False

Record deletion indicator.

CreatedByLink String True

Link to the record who created it

ModifiedUserLink String True

Link to the record who modified it.

AssignedUserId String False

AssignedUserName String True

AssignedUserLink String True

Link to the user which the record has been assigned to

SecurityGroups String True

The security group associated with the record.

Salutation String False

The contact salutation (e.g., Mr. or Ms.).

FirstName String False

The first name of the contact.

LastName String False

The last name of the contact.

FullName String False

The full name of hte contact.

Title String False

The title of the contact.

Photo String False

The avatar for the contact.

Department String False

The department of the contact.

DoNotCall Bool False

An indicator of whether the contact can be called.

PhoneHome String False

Email String False

The email and name of the contact.

PhoneMobile String False

PhoneWork String False

PhoneOther String False

PhoneFax String False

Email1 String False

Email address.

Email2 String False

InvalidEmail Bool False

Whether the email address of the account has been marked as invalid.

EmailOptOut Bool False

Whether the contact has opted out of emails.

LawfulBasis String False

DateReviewed String False

LawfulBasisSource String False

PrimaryAddressStreet String False

The street address for the alternate address.

PrimaryAddressStreet2 String False

The second line of the alternate address.

PrimaryAddressStreet3 String False

The third line of the alternate address.

PrimaryAddressCity String False

The city for the primary address.

PrimaryAddressState String False

The state for the primary address.

PrimaryAddressPostalcode String False

The postal code for the primary address.

PrimaryAddressCountry String False

The country for primary address.

AltAddressStreet String False

AltAddressStreet2 String False

AltAddressStreet3 String False

AltAddressCity String False

AltAddressState String False

AltAddressPostalcode String False

AltAddressCountry String False

Assistant String False

The name of the assistant of the contact.

AssistantPhone String False

The phone number of the assistant of the contact.

EmailAddressesPrimary String True

Primary email address.

EmailAddresses String True

Alternate Email address.

EmailAddressesNonPrimary String False

Non primary email address.

EmailAndName1 String False

LeadSource String False

The lead source for the contact.

AccountName String False

The name of the account associated with the contact.

AccountId String False

The Id of the account associated with the contact.

OpportunityRoleFields String True

The opportunity role fields.

OpportunityRoleId String False

The Id of the opportunity role.

OpportunityRole String False

The opportunity role.

ReportsToId String False

The Id of the contact this contact reports to.

ReportToName String False

Birthdate String False

The birthdate of the contact.

Accounts String True

The accounts associated with the record

ReportsToLink String True

Opportunities String True

The opportunities associated with the record.

Bugs String True

The bugs associated with the record.

Calls String True

The calls associated with the record

Cases String True

The cases associated with the record.

DirectReports String True

Emails String True

The emails associated with the record

Documents String True

The documents associated with the record.

Leads String True

The leads associated with the record.

Meetings String True

The meetings associated with the record.

Notes String True

The notes associated with the record.

Project String True

The project associated with the record.

ProjectResource String True

AmProjecttemplatesResources String True

AmProjecttemplatesContacts1 String True

Tasks String True

The tasks associated with the record.

TasksParent String True

NotesParent String True

UserSync String True

CampaignId String False

The Id of the campaign associated with the record.

CampaignName String True

The name of the campaign associated with the record.

Campaigns String True

The campaigns associated with the account.

CampaignContacts String True

CAcceptStatusFields String True

MAcceptStatusFields String True

AcceptStatusId String False

The Id of the accept status.

AcceptStatusName String False

The name of the accept status.

ProspectLists String True

SyncContact Bool False

FpEventsContacts String True

AosQuotes String True

AosInvoices String True

AosContracts String True

EInviteStatusFields String True

EventStatusName String False

EventInviteId String False

EAcceptStatusFields String True

EventAcceptStatus String False

EventStatusId String False

ProjectContacts1 String True

AopCaseUpdates String True

JoomlaAccountId String False

Id of the contact's Joomla account.

PortalAccountDisabled Bool False

JoomlaAccountAccess String False

PortalUserType String False

Type of the contact's portal account.

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