MuleSoft Connector for Spark SQL

Build 21.0.7930

Batch Processing

Use the Bulk Execute operation to combine multiple statements of the same data manipulation operation into one statement. When the Bulk Execute operation is invoked, the connector builds one API request for each type of operation.

Configuring Bulk Ops in the Visual Editor

To configure the operation in the Visual Editor, select the connector inside your flow and specify the following connector properties.

  • Connector Configuration: Select a connection you created. See Establishing a Connection for more information.
  • Operation: Choose Bulk Execute.
  • SQL Query: Enter one or more SQL statements. See the following examples. The statements can also contain expressions.

Bulk Insert

The following examples combine multiple inserts into a single Spark SQL request:


INSERT INTO Customers (CompanyName) VALUES ('Jon Deere'); INSERT INTO Customers (CompanyName) VALUES ('RSSBus Inc.');
<cdata-sparksqlbulk-execute config-ref="CData_SparkSQL_Configuration" query="INSERT INTO Customers (CompanyName) VALUES ('Jon Deere'); INSERT INTO Customers (CompanyName) VALUES ('RSSBus Inc.');" doc:name="CData SparkSQL"/>

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Build 21.0.7930