Cmdlets for Google Campaign Manager

Build 23.0.8839


General Changes

  • The ROUND function doesn't accept the negative precision values anymore.

  • The returning types of the FDMonth, FDQuarter, FDWeek, LDMonth, LDQuarter, LDWeek functions are changed from Timestamp to Date.
  • The return type of the ABS function will be consistent with the parameter value type.
06/29/20238580PowerShell CmdletsRemoved
  • Removed support for .NET 2.0
  • Added the new sys_lastresultinfo system table.
  • Removed support for the SELECT INTO CSV statement. The core code doesn't support it anymore.
  • Added the Default column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
12/08/20228377Google Campaign ManagerAdded
  • Added the WriteToFile parameter for CreateCustomSchema. This defaults to true and must be disabled to write the schema to FileStream or FileData.
10/14/20228322Google Campaign ManagerAdded
  • Added FileData output attribute to print the response in CreateCustomSchema Stored Procedure.
  • Added the IsPath column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
09/30/20228308Google Campaign ManagerAdded
  • Added FileStream input attribute to add output streams to the CreateCustomSchema stored procedure.
08/05/20228252Google Campaign ManagerChanged
  • Changed the default value of SupportEnhancedSql to true.
04/22/20228147Google Campaign ManagerAdded
  • Added floodlight custom variable dimensions to PathToConversionReport.
02/11/20228077Google Campaign ManagerChanged
  • Changed the metric name for DbmCost and DbmCostUsd to DV360Cost and DV360CostUsd. DbmCost is no longer a valid metric. This impacts the ReachReport and StandardReport views.
02/09/20228075Google Campaign ManagerAdded
  • Added pseudo columns startDate and endDate to the view StandardReport for server side filtering.
  • Added support for the STRING_SPLIT table-valued function in the CROSS APPLY clause.
  • Added the KeySeq column to the sys_foreignkeys table.
  • Added the new sys_primarykeys system table.
  • Updated the Literal Function Names for relative date/datetime functions. Previously, relative date/datetime functions resolved to a different value when used in the projection as opposed to the predicate. For example: SELECT LAST_MONTH() AS lm, Col FROM Table WHERE Col > LAST_MONTH(). Formerly, the two LAST_MONTH() methods would resolve to different datetimes. Now, they will match.
  • As a replacement for the previous behavior, the relative date/datetime functions in the criteria may have an 'L' appended to them. For example: WHERE col > L_LAST_MONTH(). This will continue to resolve to the same values that were previously calculated in the criteria. Note that the "L_" prefix will only work in the predicate - it not available for the projection.
06/18/20217839Google Campaign ManagerAdded
  • Added support for the GOOGLEJSONBLOB JWT certificate type. This works like the existing GOOGLEJSON certificate type except that the certificate is provided as JSON text instead of as a file path.
  • Updated how display sizes are determined for varchar primary key and foreign key columns so they will match the reported length of the column.
  • Reduced the length to 255 for varchar primary key and foreign key columns.

  • Updated index naming convention to avoid duplicates.
  • Updated implicit and metadata caching to improve performance and support for multiple connections. Old metadata caches are not compatible - you need to generate new metadata caches if you are currently using CacheMetadata.
04/16/20217776PowerShell CmdletsAdded
  • Added support for PowerShell 7.

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Build 23.0.8839