JDBC Driver for Google Campaign Manager

Build 23.0.8839


Table for running PathToConversion reports saved in DCM or ad-hoc reports.


Name Type Dimension Description
ConversionId Long True
Activity String True
ActivityGroup String True
ActivityGroupId Long True
ActivityId Long True
ActivityTime String True
BrowserPlatform String True
ChannelMix String True
City String True
ClickCount Long True
ConnectionType String True
ConversionReferrer String True
ConversionUrl String True
Country String True
CustomRichMediaEventCount Long True
CustomRichMediaEventPathSummary String True
DaysSinceAttributedInteraction Long True
DaysSinceFirstInteraction Long True
DmaRegion String True
FloodlightAttributionType String True
FloodlightConfigId Long True
HoursSinceAttributedInteraction Long True
HoursSinceFirstInteraction Long True
ImpressionCount Long True
InteractionCountClickTracker Long True
InteractionCountMobileRichMedia Long True
InteractionCountMobileStaticImage Long True
InteractionCountMobileVideo Long True
InteractionCountNaturalSearch Long True
InteractionCountPaidSearch Long True
InteractionCountRichMedia Long True
InteractionCountStaticImage Long True
InteractionCountVideo Long True
MobileCarrier String True
NumValue String True
OperatingSystem String True
OperatingSystemVersion String True
OrdValue String True
PathLength Long True
PathType String True
PlatformType String True
RecalculatedAttributionType String True
StandardRichMediaEventCount Long True
StandardRichMediaEventPathSummary String True
State String True
TranValue String True
UValue String True
ZipCode Long True
InteractionNumber Long True
InteractionTime String True
Ad String True
AdId Long True
AdType String True
Advertiser String True
AdvertiserGroup String True
AdvertiserId Long True
Asset String True
AssetCategory String True
AssetId Long True
AssetOrientation String True
AudienceTargeted String True
Campaign String True
CampaignEndDate String True
CampaignId Long True
CampaignStartDate String True
ClickThroughUrl String True
Creative String True
CreativeGroup1 String True
CreativeGroup2 String True
CreativeId Long True
CreativeSize String True
CreativeType String True
CreativeVersion String True
DynamicProfile String True
DynamicProfileId Long True
Feed1 String True
Feed1ReportingDimension1 String True
Feed1ReportingDimension2 String True
Feed1ReportingDimension3 String True
Feed1ReportingLabel String True
Feed1UniqueId String True
Feed2 String True
Feed2ReportingDimension1 String True
Feed2ReportingDimension2 String True
Feed2ReportingDimension3 String True
Feed2ReportingLabel String True
Feed2UniqueId String True
Feed3 String True
Feed3ReportingDimension1 String True
Feed3ReportingDimension2 String True
Feed3ReportingDimension3 String True
Feed3ReportingLabel String True
Feed3UniqueId String True
Feed4 String True
Feed4ReportingDimension1 String True
Feed4ReportingDimension2 String True
Feed4ReportingDimension3 String True
Feed4ReportingLabel String True
Feed4UniqueId String True
Feed5 String True
Feed5ReportingDimension1 String True
Feed5ReportingDimension2 String True
Feed5ReportingDimension3 String True
Feed5ReportingLabel String True
Feed5UniqueId String True
FloodlightAttributedInteraction String True
InteractionChannel String True
InteractionType String True
NaturalSearchEngineCountry String True
NaturalSearchEngineProperty String True
NaturalSearchEngineUrl String True
NaturalSearchLandingPage String True
NaturalSearchLandingPageQueryString String True
NaturalSearchProcessedLandingPage String True
NaturalSearchProcessedLandingPageQueryString String True
NaturalSearchQuery String True
PackageRoadblock String True
PackageRoadblockId Long True
PackageRoadblockStrategy String True
PaidSearchAd String True
PaidSearchAdGroup String True
PaidSearchAdGroupId Long True
PaidSearchAdId Long True
PaidSearchAdvertiser String True
PaidSearchAdvertiserId Long True
PaidSearchAgency String True
PaidSearchAgencyId Long True
PaidSearchBidStrategy String True
PaidSearchBidStrategyId Long True
PaidSearchCampaign String True
PaidSearchCampaignId Long True
PaidSearchEngineAccount String True
PaidSearchEngineAccountCategory String True
PaidSearchEngineAccountId Long True
PaidSearchExternalAdGroupId Long True
PaidSearchExternalAdId Long True
PaidSearchExternalCampaignId Long True
PaidSearchExternalKeywordId Long True
PaidSearchKeyword String True
PaidSearchKeywordId Long True
PaidSearchLabels String True
PaidSearchLandingPageUrl String True
PaidSearchLegacyKeywordId Long True
PaidSearchMatchType String True
Placement String True
PlacementEndDate String True
PlacementId Long True
PlacementSize String True
PlacementStartDate String True
RecalculatedAttributedInteraction String True
RenderingId Long True
RichMediaBackupImagesDimension Long True
RichMediaCustomCountersDimension Long True
RichMediaCustomExitsDimension Long True
RichMediaCustomTimersDimension Long True
RichMediaDisplayTimeDimension Long True
RichMediaExpansionTimeDimension Long True
RichMediaExpansionsDimension Long True
RichMediaFullScreenImpressionsDimension Long True
RichMediaFullScreenVideoCompletionsDimension Long True
RichMediaFullScreenVideoPlaysDimension Long True
RichMediaHtml5ImpressionsDimension Long True
RichMediaInteractionTimeDimension Long True
RichMediaInteractiveImpressionsDimension Long True
RichMediaManualClosesDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoCompanionClicksDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoCompletionsDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoFirstQuartileCompletesDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoFullScreensDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoInteractionsDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoLength String True
RichMediaVideoMidpointsDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoMutesDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoPausesDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoPlaysDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoProgressEventsDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoReplaysDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoSkipsDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoStopsDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoThirdQuartileCompletesDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoUnmutesDimension Long True
RichMediaVideoViewsDimension Long True
Site String True
SiteDirectory String True
SiteDirectoryId Long True
SiteId Long True
SiteKeyname String True
TwitterImpressionId Long True
WithinFloodlightLookbackWindow String True
TotalConversions Double False
TotalConversionsRevenue Double False


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似列フィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
ReportID String Optional input to pull a specific report by ID.
FileID String Optional input to pull a specific file by ID.

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Build 23.0.8839