TDV Adapter for Google Campaign Manager

Build 22.0.8462


The adapter uses TDV Server's logging (log4j) to generate log files. The settings within the TDV Server's logging (log4j) configuration file are used by the adapter to determine the type of messages to log. The following categories can be specified:

  • Error: Only error messages are logged.
  • Info: Both Error and Info messages are logged.
  • Debug: Error, Info, and Debug messages are logged.

The Other property of the adapter can be used to set Verbosity to specify the amount of detail to be included in the log file, that is:


You can use Verbosity to specify the amount of detail to include in the log within a category. The following verbosity levels are mapped to the log4j categories:

  • 0 = Error
  • 1-2 = Info
  • 3-5 = Debug

For example, if the log4j category is set to DEBUG, the Verbosity option can be set to 3 for the minimum amount of debug information or 5 for the maximum amount of debug information.

Note that the log4j settings override the Verbosity level specified. The adapter never logs at a Verbosity level greater than what is configured in the log4j properties. In addition, if Verbosity is set to a level less than the log4j category configured, Verbosity defaults to the minimum value for that particular category. For example, if Verbosity is set to a value less than 3 and the Debug category is specified, the Verbosity defaults to 3.

The following list is an explanation of the Verbosity levels and the information that they log.

  • 1 - Will log the query, the number of rows returned by it, the start of execution and the time taken, and any errors.
  • 2 - Will log everything included in Verbosity 1 and HTTP headers.
  • 3 - Will additionally log the body of the HTTP requests.
  • 4 - Will additionally log transport-level communication with the data source. This includes SSL negotiation.
  • 5 - Will additionally log communication with the data source and additional details that may be helpful in troubleshooting problems. This includes interface commands.

Configure Logging for the Google Campaign Manager Adapter

By default, logging is turned on without debugging. If debugging information is desired, uncomment the following line in the TDV Server's file (default location of this file is: C:\Program Files\TIBCO\TDV Server <version>\conf\server):

The TDV Server must be restarted after changing the file, which can be accomplished by running the composite.bat script located at: C:\Program Files\TIBCO\TDV Server <version>\bin. Note that reauthenticating to the TDV Studio is required after restarting the server.

Here is an example of the calls:

.\composite.bat monitor restart

All logs for the adapter are written to the "cs_server_dsrc.log" file as specified in the log4j properties.

Note: The "" option is not required if the Debug Output Enabled option is set to true within the TDV Studio. To set this option, navigate to Administrator > Configuration. Select Server > Configuration > Debugging and set the Debug Output Enabled option to True.

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Build 22.0.8462