ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales

Build 21.0.7930


The resources resoure is used to view, create, and update a resource. A resource is a person within the deploying company who can be assigned work to accomplish business objectives, such as sales persons or partner members.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
PartyNumber [KEY] String False

Unique identification number for this party

EmailAddress String False

E-mail address

EndDateActive Datetime False

Indicates the date at which the resource becomes inactive

FormattedAddress String False

Primary Formatted address for the resource

FormattedPhoneNumber String False

Primary Formatted phone number for the resource

PartyId Long False

Identifier for the party. Foreign key to the HZ_PARTIES PARTY_ID.

PartyName String False

Name of the Party

PersonFirstName String False

Peron First Name

PersonLastName String False

Peron LastName

PersonLastNamePrefix String False

Resource Peron Last name

PersonMiddleName String False

Peron Middle Name.

PersonNameSuffix String False

Peron Name suffix

PersonPreNameAdjunct String False

Person Preferred Name adjacency

PersonPreviousLastName String False

perin Previous flag mage

PersonSecondLastName String False

peron secind last name

ResourceProfileId Long False

Unique identifier for the Resource Profile. Primary Key.

ResourceType String False

Type of Resource ex employee

StartDateActive Datetime False

Indicates the date at which the resource becomes active

Url String False

Primary URL for the resource

Usage String False

Read only party usage for resource party

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Build 21.0.7930