ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales

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The contact picture attachment resource is used to view, create, and update the resource's picture.Get a resource's picture


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
AttachedDocumentId [KEY] Long False

This is the hash key of the attributes which make up the composite key--- AttachedDocumentId and DocumentId1 ---for the Attachments resource and used to uniquely identify an instance of Attachments. The client should not generate the hash key value. Instead, the client should query on the Attachments collection resource with a filter on the primary key values in order to navigate to a specific instance of Attachments.

PartyNumber String False

The unique identifier for the resource party.

ContentRepositoryFileShared Boolean False

Indicates if the attachment is shared.

CreatedBy String False

The user who uploaded the picture attachment.

CreationDate Datetime False

The date when the picture attachment was uploaded.

DatatypeCode String False

The data type for the picture attachment.

Description String False

The description of the picture attachment.

DmFolderPath String False

The folder path where the picture attachment exists.

ErrorStatusCode String False

The error code, if any, for the attachment.

ErrorStatusMessage String False

The error message, if any, for the attachment.

ExpirationDate Datetime False

The expiration date of the contents in the attachment.

FileContents String False

The contents of the attachment.

FileName String False

The name of the attachment file.

FileUrl String False

The URL of the attachment file.

LastUpdateDate Datetime False

The date when the record was last updated.

LastUpdatedBy String False

The user who last updated the record.

Title String False

The title of the attachment.

UploadedFileContentType String False

The content type of the attachment.

UploadedFileLength Long False

The length of the attachment file.

UploadedFileName String False

The name of the attachment file.

UploadedText String False

The text uploaded in the attachment.

Uri String False

The URI of the attachment.

Url String False

The URL of the attachment.

UserName String False

The login associated with the attachment.

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Build 21.0.7930