ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales

Build 21.0.7930

Custom Fields and Objects

Schemas for standard Oracle Sales tables are internally stored in CData ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales and used to minimize the amount of sent requests and payload received. By default, CData ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales will use these tables and not expose any of your instance's custom fields or objects.

The CData ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales supports dynamically retrieving schemas for custom fields and objects from within your Oracle Sales specific instance following the steps described below.

Including Custom Fields

In case your schema needs to include custom fields (columns) added to Oracle Sales standard objects (tables), you can use the IncludeCustomFields connection property. Setting this property to true will result in one or more extra calls being issued and will affect CData ODBC Driver for Oracle Sales behavior in the following ways:

  • Custom fields will be retrieved and listed along with the rest of the columns in your schema.
  • All internally stored columns will be replaced with dynamically generated columns based on the latest API version.

Including Custom Objects

In case you need to access custom objects (tables), created to your Oracle Sales instance, you can use the IncludeCustomObjects connection property. By default, this property is set to false, and when queries are attempted on custom objects, they will fail to execute due to the internal schema being used. Similarly to IncludeCustomFields, setting this property to true, will issue one or more extra requests.

Generating Schema Files

If you need to regularly work with custom fields and/or custom objects, you can use the GenerateSchemaFiles connection property to store locally a dynamically generated schema and avoid constantly using IncludeCustomFields and IncludeCustomObjects, which in return will decrease execution time and payload.

Note: Setting GenerateSchemaFiles=OnStart/OnUse alone, will only generate a schema containing custom fields for all standard tables but not any custom tables. Using GenerateSchemaFiles combined with IncludeCustomObjects enables you to generate a schema containing both custom fields and objects.

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Build 21.0.7930