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Retrieve follower insights for an Instagram business account.


By default this table returns the following:

  • The countries of this profile's followers.
To return any of the below demographic information about your followers:
  • The gender and age distribution of this profile's followers.
  • The locales of this profile's followers, by country code.
  • The cities of this profile's followers.
you will need to filter on the AudienceType column:
SELECT * FROM AudienceInsights WHERE AudienceType='country'

SELECT * FROM AudienceInsights WHERE AudienceType IN ('city','country','genderandage')
The above query will return follower counts broken down by city, follower counts broken down by country, and follower counts broken down by gender and age.

Valid values for the AudienceType column are:

  • city
  • country
  • gender
  • age
  • genderandage


Name Type Description
InstagramBusinessAccountId String The unique identifier for the Instagram business account Id.
AudienceType String The type of followers breakdown. Possible values: city, country, gender, age, genderandage.
AudienceGroup String The breakdown value for followers.
TotalAudience Integer The total number of followers.
Description String The total number of the followers for this profile who were online during the specified period.
Timeframe String The earliest time for insight data to have been collected. Possible values: last_14_days, last_30_days, last_90_days, prev_month, this_month, this_week.

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Build 23.0.8868