JDBC Driver for Instagram

Build 23.0.8868


Describes the available system information.

The following query retrieves all columns:

SELECT * FROM sys_information


ProductStringThe name of the product.
VersionStringThe version number of the product.
DatasourceStringThe name of the datasource the product connects to.
NodeIdStringThe unique identifier of the machine where the product is installed.
HelpURLStringThe URL to the product's help documentation.
LicenseStringThe license information for the product. (If this information is not available, the field may be left blank or marked as 'N/A'.)
LocationStringThe file path location where the product's library is stored.
EnvironmentStringThe version of the environment or rumtine the product is currently running under.
DataSyncVersionStringThe tier of CData Sync required to use this connector.
DataSyncCategoryStringThe category of CData Sync functionality (e.g., Source, Destination).

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Build 23.0.8868