JDBC Driver for Instagram

Build 23.0.8868


Allows you to get insights for an individual media object for POSTs. Requires the instagram_basic and instagram_manage_insights scopes.


You can query the following metrics using server-side processing:

  • Comments
  • Follows
  • Likes
  • ProfileActivity
  • ProfileVisits
  • Shares
  • TotalInteractions
The driver will use the Instagram APIs to process filters by a MediaId and will process filters on other columns client-side within itself.

  • Return results for the following metrics, saved for all the POSTs objects: Comments, Follows, Likes, ProfileActivity, ProfileVisits, Shares and TotalInteractions.
         SELECT * FROM MediaInsightsPost WHERE MediaId = 17945732813652602"
         SELECT Comments, Follows, Likes, ProfileActivity, ProfileVisits, Shares, TotalInteractions FROM MediaInsightsPost WHERE MediaId = 17945732813652602 


Name Type Description
MediaId String The unique identifier of the insight.
Comments Integer The number of comments on your post.
Follows Integer The number of accounts that started following you.
Likes Integer The number of likes on your post.
ProfileActivity Integer The number of actions people take when they visit your profile after engaging with your post.
ProfileVisits Integer The number of times your profile was visited.
Shares Integer The number of shares of your post.
TotalInteractions Integer The number of likes, saves, comments and shares on your post minus the number of unlikes, unsaves and deleted comments.

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Build 23.0.8868