Excel Add-In for kintone

Build 21.0.7930


Deploys apps.

Note: This procedure makes use of indexed parameters. These input parameters are denoted with a '#' character at the end of their names.

Indexed parameters facilitate providing multiple instances a single parameter as inputs for the procedure.

Suppose there is an input parameter named Param#. Input multiple instances of an indexed parameter like this:

EXEC ProcedureName Param#1 = "value1", Param#2 = "value2", Param#3 = "value3"


Name Type Required Description
AppId# String True The App Id. This can be a list of comma-separated Ids.
Revision# String False Specify the revision of the setting that reflects the operational environment. If the specified revision is not up to date, the request will fail.
Revert String False If you want to cancel the change to the application settings, set this to true.

The allowed values are true, false.

The default value is false.

GuestSpaceId String False This parameter is used for apps that are in the guest space. Do not add this parameter if the connection property GuestSpaceid is specified in the connection string.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String This value shows a boolean indication of whether the operation was successful or not.

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Build 21.0.7930