CData JDBC-ODBC Bridge

Build 22.0.8462


The verbosity level that determines the amount of detail included in the log file.

Data Type


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The verbosity level determines the amount of detail that the adapter reports to the Logfile. Verbosity levels from 1 to 5 are supported. These are described below:

1Setting Verbosity to 1 will log the query, the number of rows returned by it, the start of execution and the time taken, and any errors.
2Setting Verbosity to 2 will log everything included in Verbosity 1 and additional query details.
3Setting Verbosity to 3 will additionally log further details about the specific execution of the statements.
4Setting Verbosity to 4 will additionally log ODBC specific calls made.
5Setting Verbosity to 5 will additionally log communication with the ODBC driver and additional details that may be helpful in troubleshooting problems. This includes interface commands.

The Verbosity should not be set to greater than 1 for normal operation. Substantial amounts of data can be logged at higher verbosities, which can delay execution times.

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Build 22.0.8462