TDV Adapter for Redis

Build 21.0.8137

Basic Tab

Connecting to Redis

Set the following connection properties to connect to a Redis instance:

  • Server: Set this to the name or address of the server your Redis instance is running on. You can specify the port in Port.

Authenticating to Redis

The Redis Adapter supports two ways of authenticating: Unauthenticated, and Password.

No Authentication Required

When setting AuthScheme to None, this indicates the Redis instance is not password protected (using the requirepass directive in the configuration file). Set the following connection properties:

  • AuthScheme: Set this to None.

Authenticating with Password

When using Password, set the following connection properties:

  • AuthScheme: Set this to Password.
  • Password: Set this to the password used to authenticate with a password protected Redis instance using the Redis AUTH command.

Securing Redis Connections

You can set UseSSL to negotiate SSL/TLS encryption when you connect.

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Build 21.0.8137