JDBC Driver for Azure Cosmos DB

Build 22.0.8462


Denotes the type of token: master or resource.

Possible Values

master, resource

Data Type


Default Value



The master key is created during the creation of an account. There are two sets of master keys, the primary key and the secondary key. The administrator of the account can then exercise key rotation using the secondary key. In addition, the account administrator can also regenerate the keys as needed.

Resource tokens are created when users in a database are set up with access permissions for precise access control on a resource, also known as a permission resource. A permission resource contains a hash resource token constructed with the information regarding the resource path and access type a user has access to. The permission resource token is time bound and the validity period can be overridden. When a permission resource is acted upon on (POST, GET, PUT), a new resource token is generated.

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Build 22.0.8462