BizTalk Adapter for Cosmos DB

Build 21.0.7930

Fine-Tuning Data Access

Fine Tuning Data Access

You can use the following properties to gain greater control over Cosmos DB API features and the strategies the adapter uses to surface them:

  • RowScanDepth: This property determines the number of rows that will be scanned to detect column data types when generating table metadata.
  • TypeDetectionScheme: This property allows more control over the strategy implemented by the RowScanDepth property.
  • GenerateSchemaFiles: This property enables you to persist table metadata in static schema files that are easy to customize, to persist your changes to column data types, for example.
    You can set this property to "OnStart" to generate schema files for all tables in your database at connection. Or, you can generate schemas as you execute SELECT queries to tables.
    The resulting schemas are based on the connection properties you use to configure Automatic Schema Discovery
    To use the resulting schema files, set the Location property to the folder containing the schemas.

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Build 21.0.7930