TDV Adapter for Elasticsearch

Build 21.0.8137


Fine Tuning Performance

  • PageSize: This property enables you to optimize performance based on your resource provisioning.
    Paging has an impact on sorting performance in a distributed system, as each shard must first sort results before submitting them to the coordinating server.
    By default, the adapter requests a page size of 10,000. This is the default index.max_result_window setting in Elasticsearch.
  • MaxResults: This property sets a limit on the results for queries at connection time, without requiring that you specify a LIMIT clause.
    By default, this is the same value as the index.max_result_window setting in Elasticsearch.

    If you are using the Scroll API, set ScrollDuration instead.

  • ScrollDuration: This property specifies how long the server should keep the search context alive. Setting this property to a nonzero value and time unit enables the Scroll API.

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Build 21.0.8137