TDV Adapter for Elasticsearch

Build 21.0.8137

Data Type Mapping

Data Type Mappings

The adapter maps types from the data source to the corresponding data type available in the schema. The table below documents these mappings.

Elasticsearch CData Schema
array A JSON structure*
binary binary
boolean boolean
byte string
completion string
date datetime
date_range datetime (one field per value)
double double
double_range double (one field per value)
float float
float_range float (one field per value)
geo_point string
geo_shape string
half_float float
integer integer
integer_range integer (one field per value)
ip string
keyword string
long long
long_range long (one field per value)
nested A JSON structure.*
object Flattened into multiple fields.
scaled_float float
short short
text> string

*Parsed into multiple fields with individual types (see FlattenArrays)

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Build 21.0.8137