TDV Adapter for Elasticsearch

Build 21.0.8137


The maximum number of total results to return from Elasticsearch when using the default Search API.

Data Type


Default Value



This property corresponds to the Elasticsearch index.max_result_window index setting. Thus the default value is 10000, which is Elasticsearch's default limit.

This value is not applicable when using the Scroll API. Set ScrollDuration to use this API.

When a LIMIT is specified in a query, the LIMIT will be taken into account provided it is less than MaxResults. Otherwise the number of results returned will be limited to the MaxResults value.

If you receive an error stating that the result window is too large, this is caused by the MaxResults value being greater than the Elasticsearch index.max_result_window index setting. You can either change the MaxResults value to match the index.max_result_window index setting or use the Scroll API by setting ScrollDuration.

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Build 21.0.8137