JDBC Driver for Google Contacts

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This view specifies all the details of the Contact's Organizations


ContactOrganizations ビューはWHERE 句でId カラムをサポートしています。Id でサポートされている演算子は'=, IN' です。 例:

SELECT * FROM [ContactOrganizations] WHERE Id = '567931ee88efc109'

SELECT * FROM [ContactOrganizations] WHERE Id IN ('567931ee88efc109', '79733d1ee88efc109')


Name Type Description
Id String The Id of the contact.
ResourceName String The resource name of the contact.
Current Boolean True if organization is the person's current organization
Department String The person's department at the organization.
Domain String The domain name associated with the organization
FormattedType String The type of the organization translated and formatted in the viewer's account locale
JobDescription String The person's job description at the organization.
Location String The location of the organization office the person works at.
Name String The name of the organization.
PhoneticName String The phonetic name of the organization.
StartDate Date The start date when the person joined the organization.
EndDate Date The end date when the person left the organization.
Symbol String The symbol associated with the organization.
Title String The contact's job title at the organization.
Type String The type of the organization.

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Build 23.0.8839