JDBC Driver for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieves a list of Conversions. Conversions are actions a member makes that are valuable to your business.

Table Specific Information


The Conversions view returns a list of the insights into post-click and view-through conversions of your LinkedIn ads campaigns, giving you the ability to measure the impact and ROI of your ads.

The 本製品 uses the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions API to process search criteria that refer to the Status column. The 本製品 processes other filters client-side within the 本製品. For example, the following queries are processed server side.

SELECT * FROM Conversions WHERE Account = '123456'


Name Type Description
Id String Numerical identifier for the Conversion.
Account String URN identifying the advertising account associated with the Conversion.
DomainId String The insightTagDomain key that this Conversion resides under.
Name String A short name for this rule, which will be shown in the UI and in reports.
Created String The timestamp when the Conversion was created.
LastModified String The timestamp when the Conversion was last modified.
LastCallbackAt String The timestamp of the last callback from the Conversion.
Amount String The amount of money as a real number string.
CurrencyCode String Identifying code for currency type. See currency codes for the valid codes.
Type String The type of the rule.
Enabled String Set to true or false to enable or disable this rule from matching on the advertiser's website.
ImagePixelTag String The HTML representation of the image pixel.
PostClickAttributionWindowSize Integer The HTML representation of the image pixel.
ViewThroughAttributionWindowSize Integer The HTML representation of the image pixel.

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Build 23.0.8839