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Creating a Custom OAuth App

CData embeds OAuth Application Credentials with CData branding that can be used when connecting via a desktop application or headless application. Web applications require that you create a custom OAuth application.

You may choose to use your own OAuth Application Credentials when you want to

  • control branding of the Authentication Dialog
  • control the redirect URI that the application redirects the user to after the user authenticates
  • customize the permissions that you are requesting from the user

Create a Custom OAuth App

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn developers dashboard and click Create New App. Enter the page URL you want to associate with the app, alongside information to be displayed to users when they are prompted to grant permissions to your application.
  2. Select your application and in the Products tab, select the "Sign in with LinkedIn" product. From there, the owner of the LinkedIn page will have to approve your app, at which point it should have the OAuth 2.0 permissions it needs. These permissions will be visible in the Auth tab.
  3. Set the redirect URI:
    • For desktop applications, in the Auth tab set the Redirect URI to http://localhost:33333 or a port number of your choice. When you connect you must set the CallbackURL connection property to this exact URL.
    • For web applications, set the Redirect URI to a page on your web app that you want the user to be returned to after they have authorized your application.
    • For headless machines, in the Auth tab, set the Redirect URI to http://localhost:33333 or a port number of your choice.

    The OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret are also displayed in the same page.

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Build 22.0.8462