JDBC Driver for Google Ads

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Settings for configuring Smart campaigns.


Name Type Behavior Description
CustomerId Long ATTRIBUTE Output only. The ID of the customer.
SmartCampaignSettingAdOptimizedBusinessProfileSettingIncludeLeadForm Bool ATTRIBUTE Enabling a lead form on your business profile enables prospective customers to contact your business by filling out a simple form, and you'll receive their information through email.
SmartCampaignSettingAdvertisingLanguageCode String ATTRIBUTE The ISO-639-1 language code to advertise in.
SmartCampaignSettingBusinessName String ATTRIBUTE The name of the business.
SmartCampaignSettingBusinessProfileLocation String ATTRIBUTE The resource name of a Business Profile location. Business Profile location resource names can be fetched through the Business Profile API and adhere to the following format: locations/{locationId}. See the Business Profile API for additional details.
SmartCampaignSettingCampaign String ATTRIBUTE Output only. The campaign to which these settings apply.
SmartCampaignSettingFinalUrl String ATTRIBUTE The user-provided landing page URL for this Campaign.
SmartCampaignSettingPhoneNumberCountryCode String ATTRIBUTE Upper-case, two-letter country code as defined by ISO-3166.
SmartCampaignSettingPhoneNumberPhoneNumber String ATTRIBUTE Phone number of the smart campaign.
SmartCampaignSettingResourceName String ATTRIBUTE Immutable. The resource name of the Smart campaign setting. Smart campaign setting resource names have the form: customers/{customer_id}/smartCampaignSettings/{campaign_id}


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似列フィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
ManagerId Long Id of the manager account on behalf of which you are requesting customer data.

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