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Xero API Limits

Xero API Limits

The Xero API has usage limitations that may be encountered while using the CData FireDAC Components for Xero. Note that all of these apply on a per-application and per-organization basis. An application may exceed these limits if it is querying multiple organizations as long as it obeys the limits within each organization.

Concurrent Limit

At most 5 API calls from the application may be active against the same organization at once. Typically this limit is not an issue because the component will automatically retry the current request if this occurs.

Per-Minute Limit

At most 60 API calls per minute may be made from the application to the same organization. This limit is also not an issue as Xero reports a recommended delay time that the component will use to avoid hitting the limit again.

Uncertified Connectors Limit

Uncertified OAuth applications are limited to 25 connections. There is no limit on connections for certified apps.

Per-Day Limit

At most 5000 API calls per day may be made from the application to the same organization. Hitting this limit is rare but can happen with certain tables (such as history tables and some reports) or certain settings (such as AutoExpandDetails) are used, as they require the component to make a single API call for each invoice/contact/etc. that is read.

If this limit is hit frequently then the first step should be avoiding the tables or settings that trigger it. It is also possible to convert the queries into versions which read fewer rows at one time. This is usually done by replacing simple selects with subqueries that pick out small groups of rows, and then using multiple versions of these queries at different times:

/* Retreives history for about 1/16 of the invoices */
SELECT * FROM HistoryInvoices WHERE InvoiceId IN (
  SELECT InvoiceId FROM Invoices WHERE InvoiceId LIKE '0%'

The RetryDailyLimit option is also available but its use is strongly discouraged, as in the worst cases the delays that Xero suggests can span several hours during which the component will be unavailable. It is typically better to restructure how you request data to fit within the limits than to ignore the limits and execute queries that take multiple hours to run.

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