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Query, insert, update and delete time entries for a Xero project.

Table-Specific Information

Creating Time

A Time must be created with a ProjectId, TaskId, UserId, Date and Duration. An optional description may also be provided:

INSERT INTO Time (ProjectId, TaskId, UserId, Date, Duration, Description) VALUES ('1de78bad-5a81-4cb8-ab53-5a1a3bc73b29', 'd15810a1-9324-4765-a357-80d160a0b87c', '312b124b-f33f-4cfe-a831-20eb290610d6', '2019-10-01', 250, 'Paved northwest section')

Updating Time

Once a Time has been created, its UserId, Date, Duration or Description may be updated:

UPDATE Time SET Date = '2019-11-01', Duration = 350 WHERE Id = '1de78bad-5a81-4cb8-ab53-5a1a3bc73b29/cb53829a-31ca-4760-a2a7-5a2a46e67cfb'

Deleting Time

Time may also be deleted by specifying their Id:

DELETE FROM Time WHERE Id = '1de78bad-5a81-4cb8-ab53-5a1a3bc73b29/cb53829a-31ca-4760-a2a7-5a2a46e67cfb'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String False

A unique combination of the project and time entry identifiers

TimeEntryId String True

The unique Xero identifier of the time entry.

UserId String False

The ID of the user who logged the time entry

ProjectId String False

The ID of the project the task belongs to

TaskId String False

The ID of the task the time is logged for

Date Date False

The day the time was logged for

DateEntered Datetime True

When the time entry was created

Duration Int False

When the time entry was created

Description String False

The description of the time entry

Status String True


TenantId String False

The ID of the tenant to query instead of the connection tenant

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Build 23.0.8839