FireDAC Components for Xero

Build 23.0.8839


Query, insert and update PayItems for a Xero organisation.


Name Type ReadOnly Filterable Description
LeaveTypeID [KEY] String True

The unique identifier of the PayItem. This field is assigned by Xero.

Name String False

Name of the leave type.

TypeOfUnits String False

The type of units by which leave entitlements are normally tracked.

IsPaidLeave String False

Set this to indicate that an employee will be paid when taking this type of leave.

ShowOnPaySlip String False

Set this if you want a balance for this leave type to be shown on your employee's payslips.

NormalEntitlement String False

The number of units the employee is entitled to each year.

LeaveLoadingRate String False

Enter an amount here if your organisation pays an additional percentage on top of ordinary earnings when your employees take leave (typically 17.5%).

UpdatedDateUTC String False

The Date time this row was last updated.

TenantId String False

The ID of the tenant to query instead of the connection tenant

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Build 23.0.8839