FireDAC Components for Xero

Build 23.0.8839


Query, insert, update and delete Folders for a Xero organization.

Table-Specific Information

A Name has to be provided when creating a Folder:

INSERT INTO Folders (Name) VALUE ('Legal Documents')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
FolderId [KEY] String True

The unique Xero-generated ID of the folder

Name String False

The name of the folder

FileCount Integer True

How many files exist in the folder

IsInbox Boolean True

Whether this folder is the inbox. The inbox is automatically created by Xero and cannot be changed or deleted.

Email String True

The email address that accepts files and uploads them to this folder. Only available for the Inbox.

TenantId String False

The ID of the tenant to query instead of the connection tenant

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Build 23.0.8839