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Query, insert and update assets for a Xero organization.

Table-Specific Information

Creating Assets

An asset can be created with only an AssetName and an AssetNumber. This will create a draft asset with blank settings for purchase date and price, serial number and all other values.

INSERT INTO Assets (AssetName, AssetNumber) VALUES ('Corporate van', 'FA-0042')

Updating Assets

Like asset types, an asset's value can be measured with either a depreciation rate or an estimated lifetime. Once these values have been set, you can only change between the two by setting the other to null:
SET BookDepreciationSetting_DepreciationRate = 0.12,
    BookDepreciationSetting_EffectiveLifeYears = null
WHERE AssetId = '46c7f1f4-7cdb-47d3-8772-2796d0b83e87'

Registering Assets

To move an asset from the draft to the registered state, you must assign these properties on it:

  1. AssetTypeId
  2. PurchaseDate
  3. PurchasePrice
  4. BookDepreciationSetting_DepreciationStartDate
  5. BookDepreciationSetting_AveragingMethod
  6. Either a BookDepreciationSetting_DepreciationRate or a BookDepreciationSetting_EffectiveLifeYears

Then you can update the AssetStatus field to the value "Registered".

Disposing Assets

Disposing of assets is not supported through the API.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
AssetId [KEY] String True

The unique Xero-generated ID of the asset

AssetName String False

The name of the asset

AssetNumber String False

A unique code for the asset

AssetStatus String False


Description String False

Free-form comments on the asset

PurchaseDate Date False

When the asset was purchased

PurchasePrice Decimal False

How much asset cost when it was purchased

DisposalDate Date False

When the asset was purchased

DisposalPrice Decimal False

What price the asset was disposed at

WarrantyExpiryDate Date False

When the asset's warranty expires

SerialNumber String False

The asset's serial number

AssetTypeId String False

The Id of the type of this asset

BookDepreciationSetting_DepreciationMethod String False

Either NoDepreciation, StraightLine, DiminishingValue100, DiminishingValue150, DiminishingValue200 or FullDepreciation

BookDepreciationSetting_AveragingMethod String False

Either ActualDays or FullMonth

BookDepreciationSetting_DepreciationRate Double False

The rate of depreciation in percent

BookDepreciationSetting_EffectiveLifeYears Int False

The effective life of the asset in years

BookDepreciationSetting_DepreciationCalculationMethod String False

Either Rate, Life or None

BookDepreciationDetail_CurrentCapitalGain Decimal False

Once the asset is disposed, this will be the sell price minus the purchase price

BookDepreciationDetail_CurrentGainLoss Decimal False

Once the asset is disposed, this will be the minimum of the sell and purchase price, minus the current book value

BookDepreciationDetail_DepreciationStartDate Date False

When the depreciation takes effect

BookDepreciationDetail_CostLimit Decimal False

The value of the asset to be depreciated, if this is less than the cost

BookDepreciationDetail_ResidualValue Decimal False

The value of the asset once it's been fully depreciated

BookDepreciationDetail_PriorAccumDepreciationAmount Decimal False

All depreciation prior to the current fiscal year

BookDepreciationDetail_CurrentAccumDepreciationAmount Decimal False

All depreciation occurring in the current financial year

CanRollBack Boolean True

Whether the asset's depreciation can be rolled back

AccountingBookValue Decimal True

The accounting value of the asset

TenantId String False

The ID of the tenant to query instead of the connection tenant

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