FireDAC Components for Xero

Build 23.0.8839


Obtains a list of attachments an item has in Xero.


Name Type Required Description
Table String True The table containing the document with the attachment.

The allowed values are Invoices, Receipts, CreditNotes, BankTransactions, BankTransfers, Contacts, Accounts, ManualJournals.

ObjectId String True The unique ID of the item to obtain an attachment from.
FilePath String False The location of the file to attach.
FileData String False Base-64 encoded data for the file. Required if FilePath is not defined.
Filename String False The name of the file to attach. Required if FilePath is not defined.
ContentType String False The type of file to attach.
IncludeOnline String False Sets an attachment to be included with the invoice when viewed online. Set false by default.
TenantId String False The ID of the tenant to query instead of the connection tenant

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String A boolean indicating if the operation was successful.
AttachmentId String The ID of the attachment.
FileName String The file name of the attachment.
URL String The URL of the attachment.
MimeType String The Internet media type of the attachment.
ContentLength String The size of the attachment in bytes.
IncludeOnline String A boolean indicating if IncludeOnline was set to true.

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Build 23.0.8839