ODBC Driver for REST

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Controls whether the provider will use relative column names.

Possible Values

none, parent, full






By default the 本製品 will only qualify a column name as much as is necessary to make it unique. For example, in this document the 本製品 will produce the columns id (referring to the company id) and employee.id.

  <id>Smith Holdings</id>
      <id>George Smith</id>
      <id>Mike Johnson</id>

When this option is set to "parent", the 本製品 uses a similar procedure to the one above. However, the 本製品 will always qualify columns by one level so that their table name is included, even if the column name is unique. For example, the above document would generate the columns company.id and employee.id because both are unique when including their parent.

When this option is set to "full", the 本製品 will qualify all column names with their full XPath. This generates longer column names but ensures that it is clear where each column name comes from within the document. For the example above, the 本製品 would generate the columns company.id and company.employees.employee.id.

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Build 23.0.8839