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This section provides a complete list of the JWT OAuth properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

OAuthJWTCertThe JWT Certificate store.
OAuthJWTCertTypeThe type of key store containing the JWT Certificate.
OAuthJWTCertPasswordThe password for the OAuth JWT certificate.
OAuthJWTCertSubjectThe subject of the OAuth JWT certificate.
OAuthJWTIssuerThe issuer of the Java Web Token.
OAuthJWTSubjectThe user subject for which the application is requesting delegated access.
OAuthJWTAudienceA space-separated list of entities that may use the JWT.
OAuthJWTEncryptionThe encryption algorithm to be used in JWT authentication.
OAuthJWTHeadersA collection of extra headers that should be included in the JWT headers. Ex: header1=value1,header2=value2.
OAuthJWTValidityTimeHow long the JWT should remain valid, in seconds.

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Build 23.0.8804