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AWS Authentication

This section provides a complete list of the AWS Authentication properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

AWSAccessKeyYour AWS account access key. This value is accessible from your AWS security credentials page.
AWSSecretKeyYour AWS account secret key. This value is accessible from your AWS security credentials page.
AWSRoleARNThe Amazon Resource Name of the role to use when authenticating.
AWSPrincipalARNThe ARN of the SAML Identity provider in your AWS account.
AWSRegionThe hosting region for your Amazon Web Services.
AWSCredentialsFileThe path to the AWS Credentials File to be used for authentication.
AWSCredentialsFileProfileThe name of the profile to be used from the supplied AWSCredentialsFile.
AWSSessionTokenYour AWS session token.
AWSExternalIdA unique identifier that might be required when you assume a role in another account.
MFASerialNumberThe serial number of the MFA device if one is being used.
MFATokenThe temporary token available from your MFA device.
CredentialsLocationThe location of the settings file where MFA credentials are saved.
TemporaryTokenDurationThe amount of time (in seconds) a temporary token will last.
ServerSideEncryptionWhen activated, file uploads into Amazon S3 buckets will be server-side encrypted.

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Build 23.0.8804