Power BI Connector for XML

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Creates a local schema file (.rsd) from an existing table or view in the data model.

The schema file is created in the directory set in the Location connection property when this procedure is executed. You can edit the file to include or exclude columns, rename columns, or adjust column datatypes.

The 本製品 checks the Location to determine if the names of any .rsd files match a table or view in the data model. If there is a duplicate, the schema file will take precedence over the default instance of this table in the data model. If a schema file is present in Location that does not match an existing table or view, a new table or view entry is added to the data model of the 本製品.


Name Type Accepts Output Streams Description
TableName String False テーブル名。
URI String False XML リソースのUniform Resource Identifier (URI)。
XPath String False XML ドキュメント内で同じ階層で繰り返す要素のXPath(ドキュメントを複数の行に分割することに使われます)。
WriteToFile String False Whether to write to an output file or not. Defaults to true, must be set to false to write to FileStream or FileData.
FileName String False 生成されたスキーマの完全なスキーマファイル名。
FileStream String True スキーマを書き込むストリーム。Only used if WriteToFile=false.
Method String False The HTTP method to use when retrieving data.

The default value is GET.

ContentType String False The Content-Type header to send with PostData, if any is provided.
Data String False The data to send in the HTTP request body.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Result String Success またはFailure を返します。
FileData String base64 でエンコードされたスキーマの内容。Only returned if WriteToFile=false and FileStream is not provided.

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Build 23.0.8791