Tableau Connector for Excel Services

Build 20.0.7695


When you are using the REST API, you can select data from the following tables:

  • Spreadsheets in the workbook
  • Excel table objects
  • Ranges you specify in DefineTables

Resolving Name Collisions

When one or more tables have the same name, the connector uses the following precedence in decreasing order to resolve the collision: ranges -> Excel tables -> sheets.

For example: MyTable is in DefineTables and there is also an Excel table with the same name in the workbook. The definition specified within DefineTables overrides the Excel table.

Selecting from Spreadsheets

To select data from a spreadsheet, specify the spreadsheet name in the FROM clause. By default, the first row is used to determine column names. You can set Header to false to disable automatic column name detection.

The data range is A1:Z100. To specify a different range, use DefineTables.

Selecting from Excel Tables

To select data from an Excel table object, specify the table name in the FROM clause. These are the tables you create by clicking Insert -> Table in Excel.

Selecting from Ranges

You can use the standard Excel format to define ranges; map the range to a table name in DefineTables.

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Build 20.0.7695